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Today was a terrible day.

The worst part of course was that having achieved some small degree of awareness… I knew that each shitty event that manifested and perpetrated my day was because I manifested it myself.

My bad attitude and seething anger attracted only more dukha. Bad space. Constriction and darkness.

The Law of Attraction. We all live it.  Like attracts Like. Focus creates expansion. I was bringin’ on the bad.  But how do we get off that particular unpleasant ferris wheel?

Well obviously one must go meditate, perhaps some Chandra Bedha Pranayama (left nostril breathing) but when you are soooo wound up and really upset, all of our own best wisdom may be found lying on the lawn just outside the bedroom window. Or nearest window closest to above-mentioned melt-down.

Tissue box be warned.  You may feel as depleted as I did today.

Anger is the most exhausting and debilitating emotion that one may be so unfortunate to host. Like a pathogen it sucks the life, or the prana out of you.

I am sure I shortened my DNA telomeres considerably today.   Dang.

Its days like this when I wonder if the yoga is working. Days like this when I question my very purpose.

But it is.

The yoga is working. How can my comparatively short experience with yoga measure up against 5 thousand years of enlightenment.

The journey is long.

As Patatbhi Jois famously said. “Do your practice and all will come.”