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My family’s timetable so far this year had been well synchronised. The kids had swimming lessons on the same day and same time despite different swimming abilities, gymnastics didn’t clash with art class and the piano and guitar and trombone lessons all sat comfortably in their slots.

And then came Kung Fu.  And my daughter went up a swimming group. Suddenly life was not so smooth. We had hit a bump in the road.

I struggled with the timetabling. In fact I wrestled with the speedbumps in it until exhausted one day, I had no choice but to shrug my shoulders and succumb to having to drop activities and to more time spent in the car.

Then I realised the universe was giving me an opportunity to do something new, for all of us to learn something new away from the comfort of routine and the familiar.

But I was still clinging to the old. I was attached to the habitual.

Patanjali wrote of the 5 Klesha’s which are the causes of suffering.
They are the afflictions of the mind and cause the internal dissonance that we often feel. 

Avidja – Ignorance (from which the other four stem from)
Asmita – Ego (separation from the world)
Raga – Attachment (to things which give us pleasure)
Dvesha – Aversion (from things that do not)
Abhinivesha – Fear of risks, of action and ultimately of death.

My problem was attachment (Raga).  

The problem with being attached to pleasurable things, or in my case a way of life that provided stability and pleasure in its synchronicity, is that they are actually impermanent.

As soon as I realised this all my mental turmoil went away, and I realised that the universe indeed was giving me a new opportunity to grow, if I had the courage to take it.

From the Kung Fu studio I found a new family, a missing piece of the puzzle of what my son is passionate about and a beautiful new studio space of my own to run my own yoga classes from.

More time for us to crystallize our own strengths and talents.

Thank you Universe.