Grounding Light


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To often blown about in life like tumbleweeds in the wind – each puff, each flurry each blast of draught can propel us sky-high, head over heels in confusion and drama.

It can help to ground a little. Actually, I love to talk about grounding in class. It goes something like this.

Imagine roots growing out of the soles of your feet. They twist and curl down through the mat, the floor, into the earth where they shoot towards the Earth’s core, seeking nourishment and enrichment in the energy soup of Gaia’s heart, the Earth personified as Goddess.

As you inhale, draw this rich energy soup up your roots until it flows and fills your body, until you feel bright and full as a balloon, and spend a moment bathing in the fullness of your inhalation, allowing for longer exchange of nutrients and waste, before gently releasing. On your exhalation, allow everything that does not serve you, your tensions, your fears your hurts, to be breathed out your nostrils in a cloud of grey.

Sometimes I say Divine Mother, sometimes Nature, sometimes just The Earth… or if you have faith, I invite you to include your God.

But grounding is so much more than a visualisation.

Increasingly we expose ourselves to electric magnetic fields (EMF’s) every single day and it is almost impossible to be outside of a Wi-Fi area anywhere. Our bodies continually collect positive ions. But there is good news here….

The Earth is Negatively charged.

Do you sleep on an electric blanket? Cook on an induction stove? We constantly are immersing ourselves in magnetic fields created from electrical currents that can only interfere with the body’s own magnetic fields. For more info on the bodies electromagnetic field click here.

Ok, I agree it all sounds a bit hippy, but the solution is simple!

We need to regularly “ground” ourselves by shedding the persistant layer of separation between us and the Earth and kick off those shoes once in a while to walk barefoot a little.

Hey! You might feel a little better. Less frazzled. A little calmer?

It wouldn’t surprise me, and while your at it – why not include a little visualisation to boot!


My Aha! Moment


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When I make my weekly pilgrimage to the several studios I frequent, I expect you would think I am doing yoga.

My husband certainly thinks so.

… but when I am there why is it that I cannot find the breath?

It is always tucked up somewhere under my ribcage as I balance precariously in a pose Krishnamacharya himself would be proud of, though I am sure I look better in my own head than to anyone who would care to look.

Is this yoga? The classes have names like “Progressive” and “Advanced” but I am not sure. Where is the breath when the windows are steamed from 15 panting participants.

I have lost the breath and gained the ego. The very ego that I am supposed to be diluting, the very ego that splinters me from my peers and promotes a dualist state of mind.

What’s the point? I have realised that yoga should be, and IS, a moving meditation. Slow movements that ride on the breath.

In softness we find the breath, in slowness we feel the body. Each muscle quivering as we sit deeper. Slow work is hard work. Try doing ten push ups reeeeeeaaaallly slowly…

… but why should that be easy? or less strenuous? I often like to say these days that in softness we find the breath, but resistance can still be found and resolved by the breath.

When I utilise my diaphragm FULLY, that which inhabits almost my entire abdominal cavity – that IS hard work. I get really HOT.

I went to an Ayurvedic doctor recently. He asked me, “Do you teach physical yoga or spiritual yoga.”  I nodded my wistful Yoda nod, deeply considering my answer before finally answering… “Both.”

I don’t know many teachers that do.

So those that come to my class anticipating to participate in an aerobic class, may go away disappointed. In my class tapas is about burning off the fluctuations of the mind, not your love handles.

And love handles they are – for you should love them, and pack extra for them as you meander down your life’s long path.

So let this be your Aha! moment. It’s harder to face yourself in a slow meaningful  and mindful practice. Easy to loose yourself dancing in a fast vinyasa flow. No time to allow emotions to bubble up, no time to follow and examine the origin of each fear, each thought.

Your true essence of you doesn’t notice your Lululemon outfit, but your ego does.

So who is doing yoga?      Are You?

Attraction, Reaction, Expansion and Addiction,


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How is it that when your interest in a topic peaks, everywhere you look you find references to it.

Lately, I have been thinking deeply about the Law of Attraction; which cites that
Focus creates Expansion and Like attracts Like.

So I suppose that it’s not a mystery that I often pick something up which mentions the Law of Attraction!

I knew someone once that believed that her state of mind had nothing to do with whether she would fall pregnant or not. I was dumfounded!

Doesn’t everyone know that Thought + Allowance = Manifestation!

One of the great gifts that yoga has given me is to learn to patient. Patient with myself, my practice, my career and with others who may have not made the vital connection that we are all in fact intricately connected. Our speech is only a small extension from our thoughts. I believe that if we could empirically see the bad energy patterns that negative thought sends out into the ether we would all balk at the possibility of allowing self-indulgent down-ward spiraling mental dramas unfold in our noggins.

Meditation is a great time to practice the Law of Attraction. Many believe meditation is about emptying the mind, which sounds very nice (despite being against the very nature of the mind) but what is the point? What are you in fact doing? This belief has also lead some churches to blacklist the practice of yoga because to them an empty mind is open to infiltration of demons.

I usually see lights and colours when I meditate. My teacher poignantly asked me one day… But what are you doing?  – Just sitting there and enjoying the light show?


Meditation is about training the mind so that we can control it effectively, not so that it can control us… Ever found yourself standing in front of the panty wondering how you got there?

Meditation is about cultivating one pointed concentration.

Your object of meditation can be many things depending on your desired outcome, but imagine if you focused on seeing yourself as you truly wish to be. Imagine if you spent some time every day meditating on your breath, finding the stillness inside you first so that you can finally hear yourself – your inner teacher, and then visualizing yourself being what you have always dreamed being, having achieved your goals.

Visualization is that start to manifestation. It is the key. Next is faith. BELIEVE that it is done. And then comes gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to happiness. And you don’t need to take yourself off to uni to study positive psychology to understand that…

I never saw “The Secret” but I believe that basically that’s what it is about.  Setting about creating the life you want to live by FULLY believing that it is yours to be had. Your birthright.

Focus creates Expansion & Like attracts Like.  If your inner world clashes with your outer world then you need to remove the influences that are limiting you now – as long as you remain in harmony with the laws of nature and you mean no malice.

So don’t jinx yourself. To put it simply, “positive in the mind, positive in the world – negative in the mind, negative in the world.”

Lets get Piezical!


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The whole family loved my daughters new shoes that lit up as she walked!  A perfect glammed up accessory for any little girl, and no doubt a few glamour mammas too – maybe myself included….

However, I was initially dubious about their longevity and how on earth was one meant to change the battery – or was this yet another consumerist item in our throw away society that would inevitably land in the fill.

So, when I found out that these little beauties were in fact powered by piezoelectricity, I laughed at my ignorance!

Piezoelectricity is created by deforming particular crystals by applying or releasing pressure. When this occurs they polarise and create an electrical field.

Once armed with my new knowledge – I soon realised that the same effect is being reproduced in our bodies all the time. When an electron moves, it creates an magnetic field. So consider this, every move you make or breath you take, tiny currents of electricity are created.

Massage and acupressurists have know for ages the effect of compression along meridian lines and pressure points. Our bodies are a mass of bioelectricy and subsequent magnetic fields. Electromagnetic signals traverse our spine and execute the passageway of our nervous system. Everytime we file or retrieve a memory an abundant electricity grid lights up in our brain. Imagine the magnetic fields surrounding our head alone.

Here’s an interesting experiment – next time you are slightly out of range from your car – place the key against your head and then try to unlock your car…

Medical scanning technology has shown that the electromagnetic field that surrounds our body radiates approximately 3 -5 feet in all directions!

With this in mind, I can’t help but to bring to mind the energetic aura system of the body, and even if you can’t see someones aura you can almost always feel it.

The body’s energetic system is subtle yet very real. Sure the tourniquet effect of restricting the movement of blood to a body part for a length of time before releasing it, sends a rush of pressurised blood to the joints and fascia, nourishing and healing the area and breaking down scar tissue. However, there is a great deal more taking place in the body when we stretch and compress our bodies.

When you lie in reclining pigeon, or any other yoga posture, you are stressing your tissues which generate piezelectric currents which in turn create magnetic fields that trigger healing responses. Bernie Clark in his Yin Yoga Book expresses it perfectly. “As we stretch, twist and compress our muscles and connective tissues, we are energetically turning ourselves on, literally.”

And no batteries required.

Nothing is Regrettable.


There are things in my life which are better off forgotten. I am sure there are things in your life that are better off forgotten.

Those toe curling embarrassing things from which all that remains are fragments of conversations and whispered secrets.

Splattered red on silk from the spilt red wine, too tall stilettos crush my yogi feet.

As I drove home today from my yoga class, lost in thoughts about people I used to know, I heard the murmur of a little voice so soft yet absolutely clear.

“I prefer to live in the present.”

I jumped with alarm before I realised it came from me. Like a stealth whale that rises silently from the depths and breaches the ocean surface. My thoughts were momentarily suspended.

“I prefer to live in the present.”

What does that mean?

It means that I will no longer replay old conversations or revisit the ruins of lost friendships.
It means that I forgive myself for my past misdemeanours.
It means that I can now laugh at my old self and what I thought of the world.
It means that I can take responsibility for my self and stop blaming others.
It means that my life is full of light and joy now that I have taken a flame into the dusty corners and startled out the old spiders.

All this I have learnt from my practice.

What I have already lived cannot be relived. My life is before me, not behind and I’m tired of the old discarded paperbacks of yesteryear.

Because ” I choose to live in the present.”

On a rollicking, rolling ship, On a rollicking, rolling sea…


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Plenty of time to ponder, plenty of time to wonder.

As the waves roll in, and the waves roll out.

Suddenly I am seeing,  I am not a separate being.

I am the waves on the ocean, my mind fluctuates in motion.

Sailing is good for agitating the thoughts. For me, during this silence, one of Buddha’s great lessons came to mind. The selflessness of all conditioned objects.

The boat cannot exist independently from the wind, the current and the sails.  The journey is the destination. WE become invisible as a ME and become part of a great synchronicity of a million tiny actions that become one and exist together. Cooperatively we propel forward, parting the sea as Moses did before us.

What have I done to arrive here? Everything that I have done before.

Aches in my body and bruises beneath my skin.
Copious layers of salt.
Limited fresh water imposes a sailor’s complexion, except for the blue salty expanse around me in which I regularly bathe.

Not much to do but to soften and surrender to the undulating waves which force us all to scramble from side to side, lest we wish to fall into the rollicking rollin’ sea. 

When it’s calmer we lurch less to and fro, lulling us all into a lazy, sleepy semi-sick slumber. Rumless I tottered like a drunkard on the bow, ducking and dodging the boom unlike so many hapless sailors before me, to quarrel with the sail, untangle ropes or to pick up a buoy.

Lethargic eyes stare out to sea plenty of time to think you see.


This is the life for me.

On a rollicking, rolling ship,

On a rollicking, rolling sea.


Me hearties.” *

When waves crash on a lighthouse, it remains firm and unperturbed by the assault from the sea. The lighthouse is like the ocean deep below the waves where it is calm and still – where the deepest secrets of the ocean lie – and do yours.

To surrender to your environment brings happiness. That allusive happiness that we all seek.  Can we reach for the stars and transcend the ego-personality that endlessly chatters, judges and creates feelings of anxiety by reminding us just how BUSY we are… because you know, the ego likes to feel important.


This is the life for me.

On a rollicking, rolling ship,

On a rollicking, rolling sea.


Me hearties.”*

*A New Home for a Pirate. By Ronda Armitage and Holly Swain.

Surrender to Beautiful Desolation


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I have been known to go on adventures poorly attired. Many years back as a much younger version of me, I recall meeting my fellow climbers at 4.30am one morning in Bali where we were to climb Mt Angung to reach the summit in time for sunrise.

I wore my Birkenstocks.

Oblivious to the pointed looks at my feet – I set off at a cracking pace. So in keeping with my habit, recently I decided to go rock climbing in a long ankle length flowing dress with a plunging neckline.

Once again oblivious to the stares from a local fisherman and his son, I tucked my dress into my underwear to climb up a reddish-brown sandstone rockface before sidestepping along a thin crumbly ledge in my flimsy beaded red thongs before hoisting myself over, all flowing fabrics and all, in preparation for further ascension.


All the while clutching my prized fossicked findings of dead things.

The tide was out, leaving precious pools full of treasures. What struck me was the desolation and death. Anything that wasn’t dead was feeding on it. Have you ever noticed that when a crab scurries away to hide its body but its legs are still curled around a rock it looks exactly like a spider? A really big spider.

Two such spiders were feeding on a dead fish left trapped in a pool. A huge hole in its side. I also saw entirely intact crabs in pools that due to their dead condition did not scurry away when I approached.

The ocean roared around me. There was no beach, just sheer rock face rising up from the ocean. I continued on and on – a growing sense of unease as I climbed further into the clutches of desolation. I was worried about the tide of course. I did not want to end up like my lifeless friends. No phone, nothing just me and uncompromising nature, and she ain’t gonna give me any favours.

It was the moment of yin before the tide rolls in the yang again.

I found a rock with my name on it. So there I sat in my flowing finery still tucked in, mostly disintegrated thongs still on feet, and on my perch I contemplated the rolling ocean, rising and falling… reminding me of the purring of my cat, a beating heart, the opening and closing of a flower, before I finally surrendered into myself.

I became the eye in a storm, singularly still in my meditation, surrounded by the roar of collapsing waves perpetually approaching.

In yoga we talk about surrendering to something greater than ourselves. Ishvara Pranidhana means surrender to the Lord. Yet most know that this light is within us. Not found in a man made edifice.

In my practice I surrender to nature. Mother Nature, as they are her commandments that I venerate.

Whatever you worship – know that you are not alone.

Mantra Madness


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I remember reading somewhere amongst my mountain of yoga books that the sound of our breath is our most natural and consistent outer mantra and the sound of our heart which is connected to the sound of our breath, our most natural and consistent internal mantra.

So what is a mantra anyway. I have noticed lately that everyone has one, even white rabbits have them; “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date! 

Mantras are peppered throughout articles in the weekend SundayLife and were even in the recent erotica sensation 50 shades of Grey, and I can guarantee that book has nothing to do with yoga.

Does anyone really know what it means and what they are used for. With the popularisation and westernisation of yoga has come a buffet style of dining at the yoga table where things are plucked out of their context and reheated.

Man is the root sound of the word mind (mannas) and tra is the root sound of instrument (in sanskrit). So a Mantra is literally an instrument for the mind. Its is a tool we use in yoga to still the mind. I see it as throwing the mind a tasty bone. Yep, that should keep it busy for a while.

Mantras represent fundamental vibrations created in nature. The storm, the ocean, the breath; or the sound of the universe when we chant “Om”.

If you block off your senses, you will hear your inner vibration. These sounds do not have any specific meaning, however if we chant a mantra, its vibration vibrates with our own vibrations and our environment – producing subtle effects that can create events in our own physical realm.

A Sutra is a Mantra that has a meaning. The word “Sutra” itself means a stitch. “Suture” in English describes a stitch by a surgeon. Using a Sutra creates a stitch of intention, and intention creates coincidences.

Both Mantras and Sutras help you access your deeper levels of consciousness and make changes in your life possible by intentionally manifesting events. (Kind of like getting a rock star park outside the movies on a Saturday night just because you believed you would find one!)

Quantum Mechanics finds that the entire universe is intimately inter-related at a subatomic level. Perhaps the idea of separation itself may be the ultimate illusion.